WBJ Day 1

Q1. Tell us about your world.

This month I’m choosing my World of Three universe to focus on, the world Yaisha and The Champion (and possibly more, not sure yet) are based in.

TWoT (The World of Three), is a world consisting of 3 planes/realms.

  • The Divine Plane
  • The Mortal Plane
  • The Magic Plane

Divine Plane

The Plane of Divinity is a purely divine, four-dimensional plane that exists “above” the mortal one. It existed long before the other planes, however no one knows exactly when or why it came into existence, and the beings who live there are too old to remember (and have their own memories/lore about the world). This plane is home to the Deim, divine beings who exist outside of all natural and magic law, though they often can be found having talents in both magic, and natural things. Not much among mortals is known of its actual contents, or even where exactly it is, but it is generally accepted to exist (how mortals can understand it) above the Mortal Plane.

Mortal Plane (Earth)

The Mortal Plane exists between the Divine and Magic worlds. As the world between the two, it acts as a sort of intermediary. Here both the laws and rules of magic and divinity coexist as well as a new third law, the law of nature. Though all laws are powerful in their own right, when melded together you have truly unique and amazing potential. Things that people might consider miracles exist solely because of the unique interaction between these three laws.

The Mortal Plane is the youngest, but most influential plane of the three worlds in TWoT. It’s also where most the stories take place (though there is some dalliance into the other planes). The plane was created over 300 years ago, and continues to grow and spread. It is the result of a few Deim and Magin coming together to create a new world after a thousands year war nearly destroyed their own. In an effort to unify, this “middle” world was made.

Those from the Mortal Plane are generally just called Mortals, though their official name is Morim, as the life span of mortals ranges and not all born in the plane are purely creatures of the plane.

Magic Plane

The Magic Plane is a plane of pure magic. Often confusing and difficult to make sense of, even for Deim, it is sometimes referred to as the Chaos realm. While it exists in a set place and time within the world of three, appearing as if a distant planet, it’s appearance is deceiving.

Unlike the divine or mortal planes, the Magic Realm consists of many different planes in one. It’s planetary appearance is simply a hub with many “doorways” into the various existences that makes up the Magic Realm. The realms themselves are always changing and shifting, as magic is a thing in constant motion. Only the Magim, those of the Magic Plane, can truly exist and understand the realms, though many have tried. It is possible to reach the Magic Plane from either of the other two realms, however it is easiest to reach from the Divine Plane, and accessible from the Mortal Plane only with the help of a powerful magic user, or Magim.

It is said that those of the Mortal plane who achieve the highest level of understanding of the Unnatural Arts (as magic usage is refereed to), may transcend to the Magic Plane and become Magim themselves. Currently this is just an unproven theory.

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