Hidey Ho!

I’ve been taking it easy since finishing Sentimental and posting it. These days I’m focusing on some personal projects. A couple years ago a friend asked me to get together a group for some ttrpg-ing, so that’s what I’ve been prepping for since then, and we finally started the game this month!

I’ve spoken a bit about my Supers world on here and my Twitter, which also happens to be the world our game takes place in. 😁 We wanted to try a scifi world with a lot of freedom, so a super hero post-post apoc was a great place to start. We’re also using the Fate Accelerated system, so hopefully the game will be lots of fun. I’ve been enjoying the world building, and looking forward to the potential ways the game will unfold. It’s my first time GMing so I’ve been looking up a lot of things to help. Thankfully it’s not my first time playing a ttrpg, so we shall see how everything goes. XD

As far as what else I’ve been working on, I’ve just been writing for fun and self-improvement. I’ve been reading and watching things, taking it easy and focusing on my personal life. Lock-down hasn’t been too rough, I was already spending most my time at home thanks to illness, but not having an income has been a constant difficulty. Job searching doesn’t get any easier with a pandemic looming above everyone’s heads.

Looking forward to being able to not worry much about money anymore. Hoping I can go back to school eventually. These are all small, “one day,” plans while I focus on my health and getting through the day. XD

Hope everyone is well! Have a good rest of your day!

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