The End

So I hit 70,000+ words…I finished NaNo with time to spare…but am I done with my novel? HAH. That’s a good laugh. Nowhere near done. What pushed me over the edge was writing a bunch of scenes and notes and profiles, and everything but my actual story. Storywise, I got 30,000+ in, which I’m pretty proud of. It was a struggle this month, and I’m so glad I actually managed to write so many words, even if they didn’t exactly push the main plot forward, I’m glad I now have something to look back on and rework later. Winter is going to be very busy for me, I can already tell.

Anyone else still in the throes of NaNo? Finished? Nowhere near done? I’m rooting for you! Whether you cross the finish line or trip before you can, you did your best and that’s all that matters.

New Development

I just discovered my original idea for my NaNo story. It was in a book I lost but was returned to me yesterday and I am shocked I forgot about the intended idea of this story. No wonder why it’s been a hard going. XD

Originally Yaisha was going to be about a noble boy turned monk to protect his family’s name and stay out of the overwhelming politics of the nobility. He is sent by his mentor to take a powerful sacred relic somewhere to be destroyed. He teams up with a travelling band of adventurers who see him in town and devided to help him out.

The main cast involved:

  • The Monk
  • Twin Southerner elves, a mage and a rogue
  • A dwarf from the city with a lovely brogue
  • A country dwarf with Mid-Westerner charm
  • A pleasantly chipper human warrior
  • A charming “human” necromancer of unknown yet “I already told this story” origin.

Their adversaries were going to be members from a secret organisation that goes around the world collecting powerful relics and artifacts, and a deity. As you can see some of the original plot stuck. I think I’m going to work on this story too. I intended to make a fantasy world that’s less fixated on ancient history and myth and more intergrated with the modern era and people of today. 

It was also inspired by a Tumblr post talking about all the wonderful accents people could use for fantasy settinga beyond the usual Brittish. I for one am excited to being my NYC dwarf to life, and my slow twang of the South elves.


So I attempted to make a character sheet, but then I got distracted by actually writing the story and, wow, let me tell you. I had no idea how long this story was going to be. I should have known because it’s a fantasy but I feel catfished by the short fantasy novel I read before November. Foolish me, who forgot it was a novel done in an already preexisting world so half the build up and story has already been told in that universe. It’s just another piece of the pie. Like with comics.

I am glad though, I’m still behind but I think by the end of today I will be caught up, and if I really push it I can get ahead. Whew. I definitely will be taking a break from this story once NaNo is over. I can’t wait to finish the story, but I know I will work myself dizzy if I try to do too much at once. I even changed a lot of the story halfway and now my first few chapters are completely different setting wise from the ones I have now. We went from Tolkein to Outlaw Star in .5 seconds flat. I think I figured out why I was struggling so much though, so that’s good. Everything can be cleaned up and made to fit in editing which is great.

When people say don’t worry about the story and just write, that’s really good advice. It may be a mess in the end, but you’ll come up with so many ideas and even if it’s weird at first, it’ll feel so good to just get something down on paper.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotion…

So my NaNoWriMo journey so far this year started with a roughness, but after not even being able to get to a 1000 words from the start, now am looking at 5000+ and counting (nearly at 6000) and belatedly remember that I already written some scenes out a month or so ago after trying out 750words and forgot to add those to my word count (if all goes as planned I should be able to just alter them a bit and slide them right in). I even forgot to type up a scene I’d written as well, bringing my scene document to 5000+ words and putting me right back on track for NaNo seeing as day 6 is supposed to be 10000 words.

I am, beyond pleased with myself. While, I would feel comfortable to have my daily goals met because of my main document, I feel as if after I finish the scene I’m working on now and sleep I can meet the day’s goal.

Well that’s my update, how are the rest of ya’ll doing?

NaNo17 Plot Synopsis

So this year the title of my story is Yaisha, named for my nineteen year old main character, a young man raised by monks in a once peaceful valley after being orphaned. Despite the rising temperatures of the mid summer months and rising troubles in the region thanks to an increase in highway men and raiders from the coastal region of their small trading country, the monastery has always been a place where one could rely on for sanctuary and security. The monks being of the small yet well respected religious order have rarely faced great hardships thanks to the reciprocated love of the local population.

One day however, an apparent raid cutting through the nearby villages reaches monastery land and breaches through their gates. In the wake of the attack, Yaisha’s mentor, Gai, admits to him that there is more to his past then originally told, but that he can’t tell him more. If Yaisha wants to learn the truth behind his living behind monastery walls he’ll have to carry out a task for answers. Hidden beneath the monastery is a powerful weapon disguised as one of the many sacred relics their order has kept and watched over for years. Somehow related to his true identity and the raid, Gai tasks Yaisha with it’s safe keeping and sends him on a mission to return the object to its rightful place at a temple hidden away in the mountains on the northern border.

Already aware that as Yaisha aged, his existence would be harder and harder to keep secret, Gai called on some friends for help. Ki’tha and Axel are swords for hire, adventurers by trade that take up various odd jobs to afford their travelling exploits. Their latest of jobs being the task of escorting Yaisha safely from the monastery to the temple. Ki’tha is only a year older than Yaisha and from a big trading city on the coast. He was also orphaned as a child, but lead a much different life. Encouraged away from a life of crime by the older Axel, Ki’tha and Axel have been a duo ever since, working occasionally with the dragon Qrex, a shape-shifter and weapons aficionado.

The trio go together to the temple, but discover that whatever secrets Gai hid, they won’t stay hidden for long as it seems that whoever was behind the raid wasn’t the only one after Yaisha and what he now owns. Chased by weapon collectors, relic hunters, assassins, and a strange secret organisation against the rule of the king and rumours of a “true heir”, Yaisha and his crew realise that perhaps they are in over their head.



Ready for November!

So, I’m doing NaNo again this year, hopefully it will be another success like my 2015 attempt. This time I’ll be doing a proper novel. Original characters, a world of my own, and a completely fresh idea unlike my last NaNo attempts. While 2015 was a fun challenge, it was essentially a series of short stories all belonging to an overreaching main theme (various types of love) and it was all fanfiction. This year will be different, but I hope I can incorporate everything I’ve learned from the books I’ve read since, and the things I’ve written to pull it together this year.

Last year was a bust, but I’m really keen on this year’s idea. Wishing luck to everyone else doing NaNo this year and hoping lots of people complete their projects or at least get far enough that finishing it comes easy post November.