Some News!

This is a rewritten old post. I didn’t like the wording of it and was feeling a bit of regret after posting because of how personal it was, but I thought if I’m ever going to go forward as a writer I have to do it proper once or not at all.

So this year, though I do plan to focus on Yaisha, I will also be trying to focus on my writing as a whole. I used to write as my moods permitted. Some times I went through fanfiction phases. Then I would go into poetry phases. Then lastly I’d want to work on my stories. Now however, as much as I’d heard it but never followed, I want to become a more disciplined writer. Working on what I want to (and I suppose have to) rather than just waiting for the mood and inspiration to hit me and stay.

I know it won’t be easy, but I have goals in mind and time frames. It also helps that while this new project will be completed before next year, I still have another project to look forward to for the following year. I know it takes a while to finish and publish a novel, and I really hope Yaisha is that novel, so while I struggle along with completing Yaisha’s story I’m hoping this little book of poetry will serve to keep me occupied when working on Yaisha becomes a tad too overwhelming and my heads tired of it always playing over in my mind.

Partly inspired by last year’s heartbreaking end and my own personal struggles over the past few years, I hope you all will look forward to this. I’ll leave you with an idea of the sort of poetry you can find in this book. I’m also hoping to add some art, but we’ll see about that when we get there.

It is cold where we are


We smell the earth

Feel the dirt between our fingers

Grit in our teeth

Sweet clay between our bones
It is dark where we are


We feel nothing

We feel everything

We were nothing

We were it all

Things I Cry About On My Period

  • Videos of the deceased unrecognised and unloved
  • Words that have nothing to do with tragedy, but make me think of it anyway
  • 10,000 days of separation
  • 10,000 days of unity
  • The overwhelming irrationalities of love and the hearts hateful capacity to always with it overflow
  • I have to clean my cats litter but my head hurts too much to move, clearly I am a bad mom
  • No, I am a bad mother because I can’t keep my digital spaceship crew alive
  • The things we leave behind on battlefields and the ones left behind to pick up the pieces
  • How can one man be so beautiful?

Goddess Love

Diana you are
Beauty goddess of night
Pale flawless skin
Bathed by silver light

Huntress and vixen
Virtue still pure
Tamer by madness
To which all men do abhor

Yet you can be gentle
Soft in your might
Take pity on me dear goddess
For I am lost in your flawless might